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:iconsegmentedbody:segmentedbody posted a status
yk ow
on the mee too thing
i thibk theres a hufe problrm of the story of thr violence just becoming content to consume
and the victim and perpetrators get remived from the story

i think it should be more important to focus on “this happened jane. she is an engeneering stufent anf likes dogs. thats a real human bean who had that happen to her. and it was do w by dave. hes a real live dude you wre friends with. hes nice and voluntwers. and he sill did that. he still conmitted that attrocuty. hethose arent mutually exclusive and he doesnt get cut any slack.”. tline thats what should b focused on not just “mmmm shock value mmmmm sexy violence mmmmm story cobtwnt to entertain”

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